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CityHub hotel is a travellers’ community in the heart of the city. You get your own Hub and luxury shared facilities. Chat with our CityHost to get to know about the city and plan your trip. Get creative with the lights and turn your Hub into your own universe. Hospitality start-up CityHub is a new hotel concept that offers young travellers the privacy of a hotel and the community feel of a hostel. It combines premium shared facilities with private rooms and offers guests a unique way to experience the city, personal and digital. We developed an app and portal based on how people travel these days; looking for curated experiences, immersing themselves in the local life, using technology to find their way around, and sharing with their peers, as realtime as possible. The strategy: CityHub. Right here, Right now. helps travellers get in the know about authentic Amsterdam living as it happens during their stay. Realtime, immediate and personal.

Agency: Festina Amsterdam / client: Cityhub

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A dutch tech design studio in Arnhem, Netherlands,

On request and on our own we develop products from sketch phase to production stage. Substantialize technology and design to make the perfect harmony.

 We are known for:

concept development   /   product development 
algorithm design   /   computervision   /   machine learning 
IoT (Internet of Things)   /   hardware design 
interaction and information design 
virtual  /  augmented reality
web development


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