We took a set-up to AutoRai – Holland’s premier car show – and gave punters a virtual, high-speed test drive in a Porsche using an Oculus Rift VR headset. Their brain activity and heart rate was monitored throughout and displayed in real time on screens behind them – in full view of a watching audience. - + - supplied a custom 360 virtual reality player with 4K video playback together with a ipad application to monitor the brain reading


2015 - World’s first ‘interactive selfie cam AR experience’, the app, runs on Android and Windows and iOS. Hello Edward and the Modern Birds campaign played an instrumental role in helping ASUS reach a younger and mobile audience. With a big peak in media attention in Asia, our target loved the humor and simplicity of the app. The Hello Edward product demo tool was launched in December 2015 as a service tool for both in-store and social usage, and is promoted in the upcoming months along with the global distribution of the new T100HA.


The Almost Magic Carpet was viewable on Dutch Design 2018 week in Eindhoven, consists of Colback material fused with a shape memory alloy. Combined, they form a modular, two-dimensional plane composed of separately controllable units. By using a shape memory alloy that is based on nickel, titanium and copper, electrical stimulus enables the Colback to change on demand.


Building scalable networks with smart connected devices What we do is create compact and reliable devices that are applied in all industries. Our main focus is creating a good harmony between computer vision, mobile connectivity and single purpose devices. We are using state of the art technology applied on industrial IoT


A tourism app created for Arts Holland. Awarded for best tourism app by Apps For Amsterdam. The app gives you insight into what can be done within a certain range. This is displayed by means of a data visualization, so that it is clear to the user what can be done within a specified distance.


CityHub hotel is a travellers’ community in the heart of the city. You get your own Hub and luxury shared facilities. Chat with our CityHost to get to know about the city and plan your trip. Get creative with the lights and turn your Hub into your own universe.


Together with Studio Hands we have created an experimental installation that translates an 3D model of his face to coordinates translated into audio. On the other side there’s an microphone that receives the translated 3D coordinates to a new model.This result is printed on t-shirts and bags. We call it Audio transmitted merchandise.


What we do

A dutch tech design studio in Arnhem, Netherlands,

On request and on our own we develop products from sketch phase to production stage. Substantialize technology and design to make the perfect harmony.

 We are known for:

concept development   /   product development 
algorithm design   /   computervision   /   machine learning 
IoT (Internet of Things)   /   hardware design 
interaction and information design 
virtual  /  augmented reality
web development


Clients that we currently work for or in the past.

Low And Bonar